About Us

Kevin and Jenny of PursesNZKevin and I Live in the far North of New Zealand and we work from our workshop at home. So far we have spent six years "learning on the job". Not being purses makers initially, we had to learn from scratch and mostly the hard way - no teachers, no machinery and very few clues at times. It was fortunate that the desire to make the "wearable wallet" overcame all the difficulties on the way. We feel very pleased with what we have come up with but will always be looking to improve on what we make, with new designs and leathers.



Hello Jenny

I just wanted to provide you with some feedback about the awesome purse I purchased from you several months ago. I bought the Red Pohutakawa and have been using it non-stop ever since I got it. I Initially thought that I would swap between this and my other bags, but it has been so useful and handy, not to mention so stylish, that I haven't ever wanted or needed to swap around.

I think your product is one of the best and most well constructed purses I have ever seen (and being a handbag afficionado, I claim to have seen quite a few over the years). The quality is extremly high and I can tell that everything about it has been will designed. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this product to the market (I know what goes on behind the scenes in getting this type of business up and running, so please take a bow for putting in the sweat and tears). Now I just need to wait until your website is updated and I'll be back to choose my next purchase!


Karen Gordon-Lewis