Use And Care


The Wearable Wallet: In the USA they call this a ‘Cross Body’ Purse....we call it a Wearable Wallet

Wear your Wallet - Cross Body.

The GENIE (large), CLASSIC (medium) and Shoulder Clutch (small) are designed to hold the essentials: lipstick, cell phone, credit cards, loyalty and business cards, notes, coins, receipts, a pen, keys and glasses will sit well on top.

The Credit Cards tuck securely into individual slots. Loyalty and business cards, being larger in size, are better placed in the sleeve stitched to the outside of the coin compartment.

The pocket next to the coin compartment is for a lipstick. If necessary, place a tissue at the bottom of the pocket. This will make a lipstick easy to grasp and remove. A pencil style lipstick sits well on the floor of the purse making the slot available for a key or memory stick.

Learn to live without constantly taking the ‘big bag’ everywhere you go. However if you can’t, simply wrap the strap around the body of the wallet and slide it into your big bag.

Resist the temptation to overfill a Wearable Wallet as the interior is designed to work with the form of each style.

Some Alternatives: Shortened the strap and wear it at elbow length, or pull the strap inside changing the bag into a Clutch Purse for a nightime occasion. Use the knot to adjust the length of the strap.

The Clutch: Designed to function as a wallet by day or Clutch Purse by night. Either way, the essentials; credit cards, business/ loyalty cards and coins are catered for. There is room for a cell phone plus make-up, as the coin compartment is seamed high, giving extra width inside. This also ensures coins are easy to grasp.

PursesNZ bags are designed by women for women.

We acknowledge the attractiveness of 'form'. However in our case it was a matter of ‘form following function’. Louis Sullivan 1886



Care for your purse as you would a good pair of shoes. A leather nourisher applied once in awhile will clean, protect or rejuvenate. If you use a black or brown shoe polish the pigment will penetrate the leather covering blemishes that occur over time, and, if applied well, will not rub off.

A neutral leather conditioner is good for bags with colour. Apply as per the directions and polish with a soft cloth.

No leather likes to be left in harsh sunlight so try to avoid this.

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